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Shuru connects you with the people who live around you. Shuru enables you to discuss anything with them and if you are a business owner, it empowers you to grow your business with the people around you.


Location Based

Shuru is a location based audio primary platform to bring people closer who are in each other’s vicinity in the offline world. ie: People around us. Shuru aims to empower people to discuss, interact, raise voices on key issues together, and seek help from people around them.

Primarily Audio

Shuru has a vision to allow people to express their thoughts to every citizen of India(Tier 1 to Tier 4 cities). In a country like India with more than 2500 mother tongues and where a large chunk of population is still not able to or is not at ease to read or write, comfort in expressing themselves via speaking in their language is universal.

Meet our Team

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    Mayank Bhangdia
    Ex Co-founder and CEO of Roposo - India's leading short video app (100 Mn+ users), Ex Cofounder Gift recommendation platform, Ex Sr Management Consultant Schlumberger Business Consulting B.Tech IIT Delhi, MS (Fin) ESCP Europe.
  • team-member-image
    Harsh Chhabra
    Started as Android Dev at Roposo, later elevated to head Product. Built and grew multi lingual short video platform. Ex Founder GoParento: A community platform for Parents Native of Gurgaon, passionate actor, earlier worked at Adobe
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    Abhishek Gupta
    UPTU AIR: 12, Developed various android apps in college time. Ex-Optum(6th under Fortune 500) as a full stack developer. I am an engineer by profession poet by heart and Music is my midnight companion.
  • team-member-image
    Vipin Sharma
    Full stack web developer. CSS Enthusiast. I like to work on frontend projects. More about me on
  • team-member-image
    Rakesh Kumar
    A learner, programmer and Full stack developer | Ex. OnePlus | Love to play cricket.
  • team-member-image
    Dr. Manjeet Dahiya
    VP of ML & AI at CarDekho. Earlier, headed ML and AI at Airtel Digital. Obtained PhD in computer science from IIT Delhi, and B.Tech. in electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur.
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