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Upcoming Election in Manipur


Manipur boasts a rich cultural heritage and a history steeped in tradition. With a robust political landscape, the state has played a significant role in the democratic fabric of India. The Manipur Legislative Assembly Election can be held on 2027. The Manipur Legislative Assembly stands as the primary legislative body in the state, responsible for enacting laws, deliberating policies, and overseeing the functioning of the government. The assembly consists of elected representatives who embody the will and aspirations of their respective constituencies. These representatives engage in debates, discussions, and voting to shape the legislative agenda and ensure effective governance. Manipur's political landscape is marked by a multi-party system, with several prominent political parties vying for power. The Indian National Congress (INC), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), National People's Party (NPP), and various regional parties hold significant influence in the state. 


Manipur 2022 Legislative Election Result


AlliancePartySeats ContestedSeat Won
NDABharatiya Janata Party6032
NoneNational People's Party397
MPSAIndian National Congress535
Communist Party of India20
NoneJanata Dal (United)386
Naga People's Front95
Kuki People's Alliance22



Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh


Manipur Legislative Assembly Election

The Manipur State Legislative Assembly stands as a beacon of democracy, representing the aspirations and interests of the people of Manipur. As the highest legislative body in the state, it plays a pivotal role in shaping policies, enacting laws, and ensuring effective governance. The Manipur State Legislative Assembly serves as the core democratic institution in the state, embodying the principles of representative governance. 

It comprises 60 elected representatives known as Members of Legislative Assembly or MLAs. These MLAs are chosen by the people of Manipur through periodic elections. The Election Commission of India oversees the conduct of elections in the state, ensuring fairness, transparency, and free participation. While the specific election dates can vary, state assembly elections in Manipur typically take place every five years, as per constitutional provisions. It can be held on 2027.


History of Manipur Legislative Assembly Election

The Manipur Legislative Assembly elections have been instrumental in shaping the political landscape and democratic process of the northeastern state of Manipur. These elections have served as crucial milestones, reflecting the will of the people and paving the way for the governance and representation of the state. The journey of Manipur Legislative Assembly elections began in 1952 when the state witnessed its first-ever democratic election. The Election Commission of India, entrusted with conducting free and fair elections, played a vital role in facilitating this transition. 

In subsequent years, national parties such as the Indian National Congress (INC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged as formidable contenders, bringing their ideologies and visions for Manipur's development. The Manipur Legislative Assembly elections have revolved around a diverse range of issues that hold significance for the people of Manipur. These issues include infrastructural development, healthcare, education, unemployment, insurgency, and ethnic tensions. Political parties and candidates present their manifestos, highlighting their proposed solutions and commitments to addressing these pressing concerns.


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